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Armatta kids design

When little ones are also the protagonists

Clothing design for children, by ARMATTA The Spanish firm ARMATTA is verifying that more and more parents are choosing personalized clothing to their children for weeding and special events, a new alternative for those who do not find what they are looking for of prefer a unique proposal. We tell you an example. How it […]

Wine Fashion Market


Next November 18th Saturday,  under the best scenario full of tradition and roots in Logroño (Spain) such as the Bodegas Franco-Españolas wineries, the FASHION DAY is held once again as space to learn about the creations of independent designers. The firm ARMATTA® exhibits in one of the corridors of the winery the two collections presented […]

The future of fashion

Technological progress during the last few years has been surprising. The development of internet, mobile devices and applications has reached all sectors and fashion could not be an exception. At the same time, citizens are becoming more aware of importance for their quality of life using natural materials and free of chemicals as a result […]

Atelier Armatta

Which bride style are you? Tricks to choose your wedding dress

Although it seems all very nice, the wedding preparations can become a real mess, especially when choosing the wedding dress. It is important to know beforehand the style of the bride and her personality since many of them fall into the tremendous error of thinking that day have to be different. And I say, should […]

Participating in Getxo Moda fashion show. The Armatta Experience

“Do you imagine the illusion of participating in an fashion event where big designers were also involved in like Custo Barcelona, Francis Montesinos, Lemoniez, Roberto Torretta, The 2nd Skin Co, Javier Barroeta, Miguel Palacio, Ángel Schlesser, Moncho Moreno, Lorena Morlote, Manuel Mon, Alberto Cerdán and many more prestigious designers?” It has been a wonderful experience […]

Chaleco alpaca Armatta

The introduction of ARMATTA is news in Spanish newspaper

The printed edition of the Spanish newspaper La Rioja published an article of ARMATTA and our designer Mireya Rioja Armatta, whose designs use the alpaca fiber as the axis of her creativity. The publication coincided with the presentation of its collection M-OTHER EARTH at Getxo Moda, an event organized by Gexto Enpresa at the Sanjoseren […]

mireya rioja armatta

Mireya Rioja Armatta interviewed in “El Periódico”

Recently the digital Spanish newspaper El Periódico published an interview with our designer Mireya Rioja Armatta on the occasion of the presentation of her collection M-OTHER EARTH at Getxo Moda, an event organized by Gexto Enpresa at Sanjoseren Palace in the Basque Country (Spain).

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