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Mother Earth 2017

The Incas worshiped many gods, among them the Pachamama (Mother Earth) protecting nature and all living beings on Earth. Together with other gods they sought balance on Earth by contemplating Air, Fire, Land and Water within a all-in-one. These four elements essential to the normal life cycle on Earth have been altered by human activity making that link between Earth and Living Being break and alter its cycle.

The Mother Earth 2017 Collection captures the effects of climate change reflected in the four essential elements on our planet, which give the name to each design:

  • POLLUTION symbolizes increasing pollution levels in the air
  • THE BLACK GOLD represents the petrol extraction, which remains as the main industrial engine in the World
  • LACK OF WATER evokes the drought caused by lack of rain
  • K.O.LOR is the KO of colour; bleaching and progressive death of corals on ocean reefs

Not in vain the Incas were wise and considered the fiber of Alpaca a noble material for man and noble for the land they inhabited. Mother Earth 2017 is a very personal collection that uses alpaca fiber exclusively from Los Andes, transforming it into garments with organic shapes, embroidered with rich colors and complex well-crafted patterns to convey naturalness and especially to balance somehow our action on Earth.
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Mother Earth is our home

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