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ARMATTA firm has been selected to participate in next fashion catwalk Getxo Moda (Spain)

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Our brand has been selected to participate in the XXIII edition of Getxo Moda gashion week, an event organized by Getxo Enpresa organization.


The event, which is the “Fashion Week of reference in Euskadi and in the North of Spain”, according to organization´s word, will be attended by two of the firms “with the greatest international designers”: the brothers Muñoz and Isabel Zapardiez.


In a statement, the organization recalled that the young creators selected by the jury to parade and to contest the XIV Contest of New Designers are: Beatriz Martínez de Baroja, Eder Aurre, Eduardo Loreto, Ley Herma, Zurh, Maribel Peláez, Mireya Rioja Armatta, Nando Arce, Susana Pérez and Valentín Carballo.


The jury of the awards is made up of invited designers, the brothers Muñoz and Isabel Zapardiez, the cultural critic Enrique Portocarrero, the fashion photographer Marta Pérez Elosua, the blogger Monica Deprit, the teacher Isabel Hormaechea, the merchant Rosa Ruiz de Lolísima and the winner of the contest last year, Igone Cabrerizo.


In addition to the contest, Getxo Moda will host a photography exhibition of young fashion designers by Marta Pérez Elosua, and the public can visit at San Joseren Palace throughout the week, a master class with invited designers open to professionals from any sector and the traditional walkways in the San Joseren Palace.


“Proof of the prestige acquired by the Getxo fashion week, whose 32nd edition is backed by a new year by the Basque Government, the Provincial Council of Bizkaia and the City of Getxo, designers and stylists who have presented their creations in the last editions of the competition: Javier Barroeta, Custo Barcelona, ​​Lemoniez, Roberto Torretta, FrancisCusto, Lemoniez, Roberto Torretta, Francisco Montesinos, Miguel Palacio and Angel Schlesser, Moncho Moreno, Lorena Morlote, Manuel Mon and Alberto Cerdán “, have recalled from the organization.


After the fashion show, the awards ceremony and Getxo Moda 2017 Awards will be celebrated. The public can attend the free parades, although an invitation is required, available only in Getxo businesses that participate in the contest, whose registration form is in

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