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Camelid breeding is encouraged in Cochabamba

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In 2016 there has been a significant increase in the production of alpacas, giving job opportunities to more than two thousand families.

The breeding of alpacas is consolidated as a business model for more than two thousand families in the highlands of Cochabamba, and it means that there has been a remarkable dynamism in the last year thanks to the existence of more than one hundred thousand heads at the highest area of the region. The drought has not been an impediment for these beautiful animals to adapt to the terrain and climate that reigns at the foot of the Andes.

“Actually in Cochabamba there are more than five thousand producers of camelids dedicated to this task, that’s why I can affirm that we have more than 100 thousand heads between llamas, alpacas and vicuñas”, explained Jesús Flores, president of camelid producers.

The breeding of the alpaca and llama allows the development of the native population from the resources they obtain from these animals: selling their meat, obtaining leather and processing the alpaca fiber, increasingly valued internationally as well as in the fashion sector.


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