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When little ones are also the protagonists

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Clothing design for children, by ARMATTA

The Spanish firm ARMATTA is verifying that more and more parents are choosing personalized clothing to their children for weeding and special events, a new alternative for those who do not find what they are looking for of prefer a unique proposal. We tell you an example.

How it all started

On May 2019, Paula and Carlos were married in a small village in North of Spain. They prepared an intimate and personal ceremony with their love ones. A few months before the event, the mothers of three kids (two girls and a boy) tired of not finding a set that fit the three little ones with ages of 9, 7 and 3 years, came to the ARMATTA® boutique in Logroño (Spain). They met there to the designer Mireya Rioja and she proposed to make their own design according to their ideas. Everything has improved since then and they formed “a team” in which each person – including girls’ desire especially – saw their wish fulfilled.


The result

First they began to see magazines cuts with examples of expensive designs, some of them avant-garde that royalty and the elite held by television and magazines. They gradually defined the colors, the style of each garment, the type of garment as well as one of the girls wanted to wear a shirt and the other a pair of pants. For Raúl – three years old – we designed to him a set consisting of slacks with a sash and a white shirt with matching buttons. All this based on a drawing and ending weeks later in what would be the final result.


Set shorts with sash and matching white shirt



For the girls, a set with a skirt and another with skirt-pants using the same fabric as the child’s pants, combined with a white shirt.

All of them, well combined, in perfect harmony, fulfilling the wishes of the two families who found the ideal decision: the design and tailoring at a really competitive price.


The result was a success and the three little ones took part of the role for a few seconds when they saw couple entering in the church carrying the pulls, the rings and accompanying the future spouses, Paula and Carlos.

Congratulations to all of them!


Photo: @lorena_carnero_ 
Design:  (Logroño, Spain)
Place: @paradores

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