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Recognition to the network of artisans of the alpaca in Bolivia

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On December 2nd, COMART (the Chamber of Deputies of the Government of Bolivia) distinguished the “Community of Craft Producers for everyone” for its contribution to Bolivian culture and identity.

The organization called ComArt Tukuypaj is made up of Bolivian artisan families who, for many generations, continue maintaining the culture and roots of local products in Bolivia, especially for breeding the alpaca in Los Andes, which allow the economic and social development of local population based on sustainability and respect for the animal and its environment.

This is a non-profit organization and represents 37 workshops whose representatives organize and participate in all kinds of events such as seminars, training courses and meetings with visitors.

The aim of ComArt is to increase its national and international presence with increasing number of of the establishments that allow to increase the exports of the artisan Bolivian products and to divulge how the tradition has been transmitted intact throughout generations.

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