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Which bride style are you? Tricks to choose your wedding dress

By armatta

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Although it seems all very nice, the wedding preparations can become a real mess, especially when choosing the wedding dress. It is important to know beforehand the style of the bride and her personality since many of them fall into the tremendous error of thinking that day have to be different. And I say, should not it be the opposite? In my opinion as a fashion designer, it is the day on which the bride has to be more authentic than ever and ENHANCE her full potential.

It is unnatural to fall into the typical saying “I am at size 42 and in my wedding I will be with size 36”, then return with more force to size 44. Always has to prevail health and naturalness. All in moderation. I have seen people around me wanting to fit into dresses that are not fit for their size and less for their style.

I want to give some guidelines as to type of brides and for this I have based on the personality, taking for it as a clear example, incredible designs of great masters of the sector. If you are clear in which group you fit it will be easier for those who dedicate to it, like Armatta, to design your ideal dress.

Classic bride. She loves embroidery, tulle, haute couture, details, steamy dresses, veils or with endless tails. Everything is not enough to be dazzling that day. They are more romantic, serious, familiar and traditional people, like to have everything under control. They just follow seasonal trends.

Design: Gabriella Sposa.

Nonconformist girlfriend. It’s who declares that the rules are made for breaking them. If your environment tells you that the day of the wedding should wear dress, as she leans over the pants and jacket. And, despite the family influence (which is a lot), she gets his way to mark her territory. It is creative, independent personality. She likes new cuts, transformations, values ​​quality and likes surprises!

Design: Carolina Herrera.


Bride in full color. She is a bride with a personality so cheerful and optimistic that she looks forward to the summer in order to get all the rainbow represented in clothes and accessories. When the day of your wedding arrives and you see that everything is white, she totally refuses and opts to give strength to that day by giving her what she likes best: color! This is materialized in embroideries or areas of the dress in different colors, shoes, even the entire dress is colored. Pure white? No way!

Design: Naeem Khan.


Eco Bride. I have called it this way because I would like this bride to go higher, it is about the bride who is ahead of the trends as she seeks to be comfortable. She demands quality, originality and, moreover, seeks to reuse and does not refuse to innovate with new materials. It is, in synthesis, a mixture of the three previous classifications but with a mentality towards the future. Give -if it worth- seven lives to dress.

Design: Yolan Cris.


I hope this personal classification as a designer will be useful and make this phase of preparation more fun. The important thing is to enjoy every moment!

Mireya Rioja Armatta
Fashion designer

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